bajiwolf is a owner of a small village in the country of Japina, he wanted to make the village grow big, but there was no other way but to fight for it, so he when he became leader, he turned the village to a dominant village, to make his village grow, he was also using his village to become ruler of Japina, like some villages, and so he turned his village into a clan called the Date Clan (based on a real life clan)


Can fight 2 all by himself


Great Leader

Strategic in battle


Very weak

Can die easily

Carries very little arrows

Can get a little greedy in attacks


Bajiwolf is a dominant person who wishes to have his clan become ruler of Japina, he is patient, but not too patient, he is very honorable in battle, he is a very strict ruler, he also, likes jokes but does not make jokes that often as he is terrible in making them