This is the known Diseases and Curses in this world so far, some of these are not shown and some are

Diseases and Curses

  • No Spell Curse - Can be cast only by the greatest mages and Gods, these spells will make sure noone will be able to cast a spell in 2 weeks
  • Evil Corruption - Used by Hades, this curse makes takes time but will turn the victim into your side and is stronger and more agile
  • Ghoul Disease - This disease is very rare. This causes a victim to turn into a ghoul, becoming a bloodthirsty monster eating it's prey, this virus is so rare that a cure was not found for it causing normal humans to turn into Ghouls, however, you can also get infected with this virus if a ghoul leader injects the parasite within you
  • Temmie Allergy - Birth Allergy, Some newborn babies get this allergy, effects of this allergy includes Itch, cough, sneeze, headache, diarrhea, vomitting, weakness, stomachache, and possible even death
  • Body swap curse - Used by Sean,Jane and Metisi,this curse allows the user to swap bodies with anyone unless the user reverts it.
  • LH20D - This disease is extremly rare.It causes every eaten food or drink to be turned into harmful viruses.
  • Buraddi Gan Shi Gan or Ghoul Cancer - This is only for ghouls, this is the same as cancer except Ghoul Cancer is rare and can only reach to your body when a Ghoul hasn't eaten meat for 3 days. If not cured within' 2 weeks, the ghoul will eventually die
  • Flamnasok - This curse is only for those who are the victim of Hades, this curse is determined by luck. Whenever the host is angry, they get 2 options, they will enter rage mode which gains more damage and speed or freeze mode which they will stay frozen and vulnerable for 5 minutes
  • Veznok - This curse is only given by half-ghouls and half-wizards and only works on Humans. When a half-ghoul and half-wizard cast this curse on you, you will become weaker to ghouls, they will also gain additional damage and armor whenever ghouls attack you