request to keep the dreamtrapped rp alive with the pacing of the p5 anime


>Who are you?

Your name is Addhue Tempus and you are about to play this game with the reverse of friends. Along with Sciere, your moirial. You have SOME experience as you’ve played it before. And look at that, Sciere is just sleeping

>Be someone else

You are now Sciere Tempus and you just blacked out and now you are in an odd room. There are portal frames throughout, and an appealing black platform. You stand on it, and suddenly you are overwhelmed with a huge pain! Suddenly you summon a ghostly Addhue!


He screamt as he collapsed.

GA:”Ah! It feels great to be back. Do you recall my name?”

ST:” *Huff* Yeah...Addhue, wait, why are you flying?

GA:”Hoho, i’m not actually Addhue. I am a representation of your willpower and a part of you that requires me.”

ST:”Agh.. Since you’re flying and ghostly like, i’ll call you Ethereal Addhue!”

>Be someone else this is boring.

You are now a seadweller mutant. Who are you?

>Novani Fallow

Yes. That is your name.

>Be someone else mutants are lame

You are now Perros Cysnep. You have finished conquering those stupid bugs on your new code!

>be someone else that is NOT a tealblood

more soon