Jane1823,despite being a mechanic mainly relies on her instinct alot.She can be sassy and rude at times but she is most of the time kind.And sometimes she just states the obvious alot.Jane also prefers to be called Just jane.Most people call her "Just jane."

Also she has short term memory loss


She Is a woman who wears a pain white shirt.She also wears a jacket for girls sometimes.

Her hair is long and curly.She also wears glasses.The same nerd glasses TheBeastNamedSean wears.She is also quite short for a girl her age.(35)


When Jane was just a pre schooler she was smarter than an average 8th grader.She continued on to get smarter without learning.She went to upper grades earlier.Soon when she was in collage at the age of 10 her parents were murdered by a ghoul named rolite.She was adopted by new parents,but they forced her to make Robots.

And then they were eaten by blood.


  • Cyborg - Jane made herself a cyborg
  • Smartness - Jane is one of the smartest humans ever
  • Easy adapter - Jane can learn things fast and adapt to things easily
  • Telepathy(Currently dormant)


She has short term memory loss and is distracted easily