Memelord seen looks like Thebeastnamedsean except with a 3.0 package and a hat that says swag.


Memelord seen is a sadist who enjoys killing and the suffering of others.He doesnt care about life anymore,and he is shown to be deppresed at times.He also loves experimenting


  • Bajiwolf-Seen has currently shown to loathe baji,for no particular reason at all
  • Bloodee-Seen seems to like blood as he is shown trying to manipulate him into doing things that he likes,he also allies with bloodee sometimes
  • Rolite-Seen seems to loathe Rolite too because he thinks that he's stupid
  • Thebeastnamedsean-Memelord seen loathes Sean because he thinks he's a clone


One day a genrtic clone of Seanster810 was made,due to the creators wanting an extremly powerful solider,but his personality was'nt the same and he also ended up turning inferior to Sean.Soon he developed many disabilites and turned into a criminal known as the "Noobs".Soon he decided to kill everyone,to end the pain known as life because he actually wants to be useful for once.He killed more than 12 people.He nearly defeated bloodee and Sean,but before he could destroy roblox he was struck down by a mysterious figure.



  • Telekenisis-He displays this power various times
  • Enhanced strength-Memelord seen is strong enough to lift a 5 story school.
  • Super speed
  • Stretchy limbs
  • Summoner-He can summon his minions at any times and weapons