This is where,me,Bajiwolf,Bloodee,Rolitex and Pizzabomb roleplay


What if Baji never existed?What if Blood was a good ghoul?What if Sean died in the great war between monsters and humans,and the humans left after the war?

Well everything would go downhill from there.The monsters and the ghouls succesfully take over the earth,and the rebellion starts..Jane is gone..Baji is gone...Sean is gone..Blood is weakened and rolite is with the ghouls..

Pre order 1:How Sean died.

Sean:It's time.

???:I am sorry human...But it must be done.

Sean:The grand mage V.S the god of all the monsters huh?I'm much stronger than you.

???:Khk.I have the souls of 7 Mages,and your just one.You're so cocky to take me on alone.

Sean:We'll see about that.

Sean rushes towards the god of all monsters,and uppercuts him with an electric arm.


Spikes rush forward and stab Sean in the heart.


Thousand fire arrows rain on Sean.

Sean:H-h-hehe,I was only using 25% of my power..

M.God:That's a lie.

M.God raises his hand upwards and Sean is raised to his ceiling,also his back is broken.Sean turns into a ball of pure mana and strikes M.God,but M.god reflects soon.Sean is in the wall hole


M.God:There is nothing you can do to stop us.


Sean fires his kienza but it merely makes M.God flinch

M.God:Any last words?

Sean:S-Say hi to-

M.God kicks Sean in the dick,and suddenly he dies.(Play

M.God:Why is pokemon music playing all of a sudden?Oh well.

M.God blast's Sean's corpse into oblivion,and den Sean dies.For reals.


Mage:What is it?

Kate:Did something happen to Sean?


Kate starts shaking.

Kate:No...Did he-

The hermit stands up.

Hermit:The grand wizard...Has passed away

Kate suddenly stops all movement.

Soon everyone gathers up.

Gamer:Just because we lost Sean..Does'nt mean we should give up!(Play

Wizard:But..All hope is lost,he carried us through the entire war!

Gamer:Yes but we can still take a stand!He's the only one who could use a true mana form,but that does'nt mean some of us can too!

Some mages look down.

Mage:Theres no hope..

Another one of those mages:Yeah,we should just surrender!


Micheal bay,monsters move in and start massacaring alot of mages.




Kate:Come on Jane let's get out!

Jane:No..I dont want to lose more!!!

Jane's hair sticks up and turns firey red.


She blast's alot of monsters,insta killing them.


Jane suddenly falls and a blade appears in Jane's head.


Soon only a few mages were left.

Monster:Surely they are extinct by now!

Monster:I dunno I saw a girl one leave

Another one of those monsters:Nah I think Jerome handled em.


End of pre-order!